Tea, Coffee and Tequila

Tea, Coffee & Tequila

Tea, Coffee & Tequila (TCT) is the dynamic pairing of UK artists Louise Duggan and Bobby Dazzler.

Individually accomplished and widely recognised, their works can be found in numerous collections around the world.

As TCT, they aim to combine their skills, presenting collectors with exclusive creations not found elsewhere.
The opening night a delight
An art exhibition without inhibition
A great statement of womanhood
Of women saying it like they should
Of beauty and nudity
Of energy and dynamism
Some statements of feminism
And what will I remember?
The artist this exhibition really suits
The one with neon pink tits and furry "fuck me" boots
Liz Barnes
Pink Tits and Furry Fuck Me Boots

About the Artists

Louise Duggan

Louise Duggan is a Chichester-based artist who, after graduating from Leicester University, trained as an interior designer.

Working throughout London for many high-end interior design firms before relocating to Dubai where she spent the next 20 years designing and producing artworks for hotels and the private residences of the world’s elite.

Her work is an explosion of colour, distorting and reshaping her subject matter, taking the viewer on an emotional journey and exploration of the self.

Bobby Dazzler

Bobby Dazzler is a Brighton-based artist specialising in combining retro styles with a modern, street art aesthetic.

Inspired by the street art mentality for bold designs, rough cut execution and a penchant for anonymity, Bobby combines digital and analogue materials to create a pulp-fuelled cocktail of striking, surreal (and often a little kitsch) imagery – always with a wry edge and subtle humour.

Bobby Dazzler Art