• Prints For Sale

    Prints For Sale (44)

    Giclee reproductions on 300gsm art paper Each print comes with a white mount card. Overall Size: 50 x 70cm Print size: 42cm x 59cm The cost is £59 The price includes delivery Enquire for custom sizes and prints on canvas.
  • Framed Prints For Sale

    Framed Prints For Sale (43)

    These framed prints come in either a white or black box frame, with a mount card. The overall size is 45cm x 60cm The cost is  £160 The price includes delivery
  • Hand Embellished Canvases For Sale

    Hand Embellished Canvases For Sale (9)

    Hand embellished canvases are worked on by myself using a variety of mixed media materials giving a three dimensional original finish. Each canvas is a one-off , uniquely finished using acrylic paint, spray paints, ink, silver, gold leaf and copper leaf. They are framed in a light oak wooden L shaped frame. Each order will take 10 days to complete…
  • Sold Artworks

    Sold Artworks (47)

    A collection of my work that I have previously created and sold
  • Chanel Bottles & Watches

    Chanel Bottles & Watches (16)

    Every Hand Finished Print is a unique artwork as I finish each one differently using spray paints, glitter, ink, acrylics and sometimes I will add  silver, copper or gold leaf.
  • Neon LED

    Neon LED (8)

    With all the LED artworks, you will need a power supply to plug them in for the LED light. Each painting I create to work with the light on or off depending on the time of day.
  • Resin Artwork

    Resin Artwork (8)

    Art made using resin as the medium.