Louise Duggan was born in the UK in 1974, and currently lives in Chichester, West Sussex, United Kingdom. She graduated from Leicester University with a BA (hons) degree in Art and Design and English literature; from there she went on to train as an interior designer working for various design firms in London before moving to Dubai in 1999, returning back to the UK in 2022

Louise spent her childhood, living and travelling throughout Africa, a colourful country steeped in cultural heritage. This became extremely influential on her work as she deftly demonstrates elements of the African aesthetic, the abstract human figures, expressing an idea rather than a subject.

She demonstrates a remarkable intuitive sense of creativity to distort and reshape her subject matter whilst maintaining a  balanced composition. Her canvas swirl with movement as she skillfully takes you on a journey with spontaneous use of acrylics and various mediums to further expand her visual communication.

She currently runs Ophelia Art Consultancy with offices based in Dubai and London whilst working on her own collection. Her work is sold all over the world and can be found in many of the top hotels in Dubai. Her work is collected internationally with more shows planned in the UK and Dubai.


I am a professionally trained artist holding a BA(hons) degree. I specialize in mixed media. Having spent my childhood in West and East Africa, what I saw growing up has heavily influenced my style. I would see painted houses, abstract carvings and the human figure represented in an abstract form. There was a sense of mysticism and spirituality in these works.

My love of abstract art stems from these images followed by later studying the profound effect of African art on modern art. African art is embedded in my DNA so often I find myself marking a canvas with repetitive shapes or creating a mask like face when depicting a person. I strive to paint my emotions and ideas, art allows me the freedom to communicate, to create a dialogue. I intuitively layer different mediums to create depth to the visual experience I want to share. I will often incorporate resin, gold/silver leaf and led lights.

I have always been fascinated by masks, metaphorically and literally. We live in a digital world where everyone is curating their perceived life. My voice is often through my art, it allows me a space to be authentic.